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We are a team of technologists who love solving deep tech problems and constantly challenging the status quo

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The Story

I know that this is the start of a remarkable journey that would involve you, my friend and us.

🕵️‍♂️The Before

Early in my career, I have met with entrepreneurs who took risks, especially huge financial risks. I loved the idea of growing an idea to a successful business. I loved the freedom it could provide and the financial independence that could be attained when the business takes off. You'll see why I am talking about financial independence in a bit.

I had invested in a few businesses early in my career to achieve that financial independence and unfortunately they didn't take off. I was trading time for money as a software consultant helping bunch of other startups. I knew I wanted to build a business from scratch but I was waiting to conceive a "What if" moment that will persistantly haunt me - in a good way.

🚗The Journey

I have helped people in the past to kickstart their career as a software developer. I have taught a bunch of people having analytical and reasoning skills. If you could think logic, you could code logic is what I believed. Life humbled me with people who found writing code to be too abstract of a concept, and that bursted my bubble.

There are thousands of people who want to become a software developer but can't because of the entry barrier; barrier in imagining logic within a confined grammar and syntax.

🤔The Thought Experiment

Around the same time I ran a thought experiment. What would I do if don't have any financial committment? I would truly be a creator and build numerous products which are sleeping as mere ideas in my Google Keep notes. In the next couple of years, I had grown to learn that having true finanical independence could unlock our potentials as human beings.

Achieving financial independence is really really really hard. But once you taste it, there is no going back. To achieve financial independence, one has to create/accumulate assets (ex: real estate yielding rental income, movies that yield royalty forever) which yield financial benefit for a prolonged period of time. Today, such assets, that can set one financially independent, are for those who are the cream of the crop or the elites.

🤩The "What If" Moment Arrived

What if software could be an asset class? After all, the tech companies build once and keep selling and reselling the products (aka assets) for millions of dollars. Why can't non-elites and non-cream-of-the-crop can take advantage of that?

Ah... The entry barrier. What if I could bring that barrier down?

Aha!! That was my "What If" moment. By providing a platform that enables anyone to express logic without the boundaries of syntax and driven by an enthusiastic community that would allow people to create assets as simple as an API, I could solve world hunger, or may be a little less.

High Velocity Club

We are building a suite of products for our community which will enable non-coders, citizen developers, newbies, wannabe entrepreneurs and technologists to build software assets. By enabling you to build software as an asset, we are laying a road to your financial independence.

Ready for the journey?

Our Team

We are a team of technologists who have deeply embedded ourselves into the startup ecosystem. We have built products in health care, fintech, edtech, martech, AI, Data and more.

We have always questioned the status quo of every industry we had worked in. Software engineering is no exception. Our experience in building distributed systems have helped 50+ startups to scale. We are coming to make sure you win.

Jebin BV

Jebin BV

Founder & CEO

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