Senior developer enthusiastically solving software problem
Become 100x by reusing and not rebuilding

10x Developer

Your Problems

  • You find it boring to repeat same tasks again and again
  • You move mountains with logic but all the grunt work drains you out
  • You know writing tests should be automated at least syntactically
  • You find no-code to be limiting
  • You believe no-code solutions don't scale
  • You think no-code solutions fall flat when you have to build something complex and critical

Our Solution → Meet Imple

  • Meet Imple, our flagship simple and effective no-code tool from High Velocity Club. With Imple, you build once and reuse as necessary. You don't have to reinvent.
  • Our AI will help you do the ground work so you focus on the core logic. We aim to provide in the future, the ability to convert your logic to any high performing languages so you could reap the benefit of low level code.
  • Imple allows you to express logic visually; just the logic. Testing it syntactically, logging, monitoring and all the grunt work will be done automatically.
  • You can collaborate within Imple with other developers if at all there is a need which allows you to deliver faster
  • With Imple at hand, you will become 100x developer and move up the ladder. You develop software like you are from the future.
  • Apart from our AI, we have a community of people who will help you to grow. Know that you are not alone.
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