Engineering manager verifying the outputs of his/her team
Build the future with the tools of the future and the future is No-code + AI + Community

Engineering Manager

Your Problems

  • Is there no clear visibility of your team's performance?
  • Is miscommunication between the product and the engineering team killing the productivity?
  • Is your team lacking the ability to iterate faster?
  • Are you finding it rigid and cumbersome to provide technical analytics to the top management?
  • Are the bugs in the system increasing day by day?
  • Is it getting hard to find quality resources within the given budget?
  • Is your backlog overlowing with feature requests?

Our Solution → Meet Imple

  • At High Velocity Club, our flagship product, Imple allows anyone to develop / edit logic and build APIs without having to write a single line of code. Build solid, scalable solutions that every engineering team will embrace.
  • Imple allows anyone to express logic in blocks. So your team with our AI can deliver bug-free solutions faster.
  • With Imple, you will have complete control to run your A/B tests at every single piece of logic. With a minimal effort, our AI can generated tests will keep the system bug free.
  • Imple enables your product, engineering and QC team to work as one cohesive unit of high velocity team. No detail/context is lost in the air.
  • Imple records every step and logs them. Measuring any branch of logic and collecting meaningful metrics is only a couple of clicks away.
  • You can bring in inexpensive no/low code developers to develop incrementally scalable products.
  • Imple allows you to bring in coders or engineering experts to develop complex parts without having to rewrite the whole product.
  • Export your product as code whenever you want. The exported code will be of industry standard quality with necessary documentation for your team to start right away.
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