Freelance developer managing multiple software projects
Manage multiple projects yet deliver faster than ever

Freelance Developer

Your Problems

  • Is your client keeping you busy with all the scope creep?
  • Are your deliveries delayed because you have to do all the grunt work?
  • Are you tired of looking for tools that could accelerate your project deliveries?
  • Do you lack full-stack skills and so afraid of taking large scope projects?
  • Is writing tests and setting up infrastructure consuming your time?
  • Do you want to deliver faster yet managing multiple projects simultaneously?

Our Solution → Meet Imple

  • We present Imple, our flagship simple and effective no-code tool from High Velocity Club. With Imple, you build once and reuse across clients as necessary. Reusing common features will save a ton of your time.
  • Document everything alongside the code. Invite / Collaborate with the client to define product specification to avoid scope creeps.
  • Our AI can generate test cases so you can deliver a stable bug free projects.
  • Imple allows you to express logic visually; just the logic. Testing it syntactically, logging, monitoring and all the grunt work will be done automatically. Think of all the things you could possibly upsell.
  • You can collaborate with other developers within Imple if there is a need.
  • With Imple at hand, you will become a 100x developer. You can manage multiple projects in one place without having to switch context.
  • Export the product as code whenever you want. The exported code will be of industry standard quality with necessary documentation and deployment instructions for your client to start right away.
  • And at last, join our community who will help you if you are stuck. Know that you are not alone.
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