Product Manager verifyng PRD and the actual product
Take complete control of your product

Product Manager

Your Problems

  • Are you always at the mercy of the engineers to develop new features?
  • No-code tools don't scale and so you don't want to adopt!
  • Is your team lacking the ability to iterate faster?
  • Are you finding it rigid and cumbersome to A/B test your hypothesis?
  • Are PRDs being half read and so features are built buggy?
  • Is half cooked analytics crippling you from making informed decisions?

Our Solution → Meet Imple

  • At High Velocity Club, our flagship product Imple enables anyone to develop / edit logic and build APIs without having to write single line of code. Build solid, scalable solutions that every engineering team will embrace.
  • With Imple, you express logic in blocks which inturn will help you iterate faster.
  • With Imple, you will have complete control to run your A/B test at every single piece of logic.
  • Imple brings the PRDs and the related code to a single view so the PMs can be sure the blocks of readable logic match the PRD that you have created.
  • Imple records every step and logs them. Measuring any branch of logic and collecting meaningful metrics is just a couple of clicks away.
  • Export your product as code whenever you want. The exported code will be of industry standard quality with necessary documentation for your engineering team to start right away.
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