Software Serivces CEO happy with the delivery
Build and deliver with the right No-code tool

Software Services Owner

Your Problems

  • Are you missing deadlines because of the lack of quality resources?
  • Is there no clarity in terms of what is delaying the delivery?
  • Are you struggling to find the right team members for the right cost?
  • Are buggy deliveries irking the clients?
  • Are profit margins shriking because of the lack of quality and resources?
  • Is outsourcing restrictive because of access control and sharing privileges?
  • Are you afraid of vendor lock-in?

Our Solution → Meet Imple

  • We introduce Imple, our flagship product of High Velocity Club. With Imple you will be able to cut costs left, right and center.
  • Imple allows anyone to develop / edit logic and build APIs without having to write a single line of code. Build solid, scalable solutions that every hard core engineering team will embrace with inexpensive citizen developers. Our AI will help them in generating logic from product specs, write test cases, monitor data flows and provide insights which usually gets lost in the depths of the code.
  • With Imple, your product, engineering and QC teams will work under one roof at a greater velocity. You can involve non-engineering and engineering resources in a single place providing leverage to deliver faster but with less specialized resources.
  • Engage with third party consultants at granular level without having to give up the entire project access. Imple enables to provide access to one API at a time.
  • Iterate faster with Imple. You can truly build a world class product having all the qualities of a high velocity engineering team in half the time at half the cost with twice the capabilities.
  • Imple helps to develop bug free products with its logic inferencing ability and provides a quality crafted platform of technical tools with all the industry best practices baked in.
  • Export your product as code whenever you want. The exported code will be of industry standard quality with necessary documentation for your client's team to start right away.
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